When will the Chapter be held in Taizé?

The chapter will take place from July 7 – 14, 2019.

Who chooses the delegates to the Chapter?

The Minister, Custodian or President chooses the Under Ten or Under Seven or Under Five delegates (according to the practice of each Entity), to be sent to the chapter.

When should the delegates be appointed?

The appointment of the delegates must be made and communicated to the Secretary of the Chapter ([javascript protected email address]) by 31 April 2018.

How many friars of an Entity can participate in the Chapter?

For organizational reasons, each Province can send from 1 to 3 delegates, each Custody from 1 to 2, each Foundation 1.

How does one register?

On the first page of this site, there is the registration form to be completed for attendance at the Chapter.
Following the appointment by each respective Entity, each delegate must individually register (fill out the form on the site).


A few hours after you have registered, you will receive a response that will give you the necessary details in order to access your registration.


When initially filling out the registration form, do not worry if you are unable to provide all of the information requested.  You will be given a link to update your registration as needed (when the information becomes available).


If you do not find the name of your Province, Custody, or Foundation in the Registration Form, we kindly ask you to email the name of your Entity to us in one of the four languages ​​of the Chapter.  Please send to: [javascript protected email address].  We will add/ update your Entity information immediately.

I have registered but I have not received a confirmation

If, after having registered, you have not received an automatic response confirming your registration within a few hours, there are two possible causes:

  • The response was sent, but your provider considered it spam.  Please check your spam folder search for www.undertenofm.org/2019/
  • There may have been a manual error when you informed of your email address.

If it is necessary, write to: [javascript protected email address] and ask for the information for access to be resent.

What is the goal of the Chapter?

The primary objective of the Chapter will be to "judge" what was “seen” in the Pre-Chapter phase, namely to deepen the reflection on Christian and Franciscan Dialogue.


No less important will be the opportunity for the friars to experience first-hand dialogue both with other Under Ten friars and with the Youth at Taizé.

What will be the program for the Chapter?

The Chapter program is on the site.

How does one arrive at Taizé?

The nearest airports to Taizé are: Lyon and Paris in France; Geneva in Switzerland (Switzerland is not part of the European Community; therefore, the majority of participants will be asked for an extra visa).


Taizé is located on the A6 motorway, between Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon. The nearest train station, Mâcon Loché, is 1 hour 35 minutes by TGV (high speed train) from Paris; it is 2 hours drive from Geneva (see map).


You can arrive by train at one of the following stations: Mâcon-Loché TGV (TGV = High Speed ​​Train), Mâcon-Ville or Chalon-sur-Saône, and then take the SNCF bus to Taizé. Not all trains have a connection with the bus. If you do not have a bus you must take a taxi or a minibus between Mâcon and Taizé.


See details: http://www.taize.fr/en

What to do after arrival in Taizé?

On the day of arrival at Taizé, you will do two registrations:  1) A Welcome Registration according to language ​​(you must look for your language) and a 2) Welcome Franciscan Registration (it will be a tent or a place with an inscription OFM or Chapter Under Ten OFM).

What will the accommodations be like and food?

The friars will be placed together in an area of ​​the campus, in rooms with 6 to 8 bunk beds (see photo).


We will eat together with the young people, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), plus a snack.

Where will Mass and Prayer be celebrated?

The Holy Mass will be celebrated together with the other Catholic participants at 7:15 am in the "M" part of the campus, where it is usually celebrated in the summer (see map). For the friar priests, the "Ordinary of Mass" booklets will be provided in various languages.


We will pray together with the Community of Taizé and the other participants, three times a day at 8:15, 12:20, 20:30 in the large church, using the texts of Taizé.

Who covers the expenses of the Chapter?

For costs related to the Chapter event, in order to guarantee the highest participation of the Under Ten friars, the General Curia will provide for the costs of food and lodging, while each Entity will be responsible for the trip, insurance and personal expenses.


Moreover, for those Entities that may need assistance, they are asked to discuss the need with the Minister General well in advance so that the necessary funding may be projected.

What to bring with you?

 Each of the friar priests must bring their own alb and a white stole. All participants, in addition to the Franciscan habit, will have to bring sheets or a sleeping bag with a towel.

If I need a French visa, what to do?

In case you need a French visa, you will have to personally contact Fr. Maric Vlatko OFM ([javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address]), a member of the Province of Jon Duns Scotus in France, who will be responsible for helping you obtain a visa.

Will it be possible to come early or extend the stay in Taizé?

It will be possible to come early and/or extend the visit to Taizé, but only in the cases of flight schedules or the desire to participate in the whole Taizé experience. Tourist motivations are not considered a reason.

How many other participants will be with us in Taizé?

In July at Taizé, there are usually between 1,000 to 2,000 young people, but the exact number is unpredictable.

Will there be WiFi?

All the friars will be offered Internet access (WiFi).

Will there be a doctor?

There is no doctor or pharmacy on the campus, but there is an "emergency room" with a nurse. For serious emergencies, an ambulance will be called.

Will it be possible to use a laundry facility?

There is no laundry facility on campus. Your laundry can be done by hand in the bathrooms.

Can money be exchanged at Taizé?

There is no possibility to exchange money at Taizé.

What's the weather like at Taizé?

The average temperature in July is between 25-30 degrees. See the current temperature.

How can the Secretariat of the Chapter be contacted?

For any information, you can write an email to the Secretariat of the Chapter: [javascript protected email address]

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