Final message
(13 July 2019)

Vth Chapter Under Ten OFM: A final message to all friars
The Taizé declaration on dialogue
Taizé, 13th July 2019


On these days of July 7-14, 2019, we Friars Minor, who are less than 10 years Solemnly professed (under 10), from all over the world on the occasion of VthChapter Under Ten OFM have gathered at Taizé, France to reflect on the theme ‘Friars in Dialogue’. 


This celebration was enriched by the participation of 181 friars minor (representing 5 continents, 15 conferences of the Order, 86 entities, 52 Nationalities), together with General Minister Michael Perry, his vicar, definitors and the organizing committee. Adding colour to this celebration, we were accompanied by the wider community of Taizé, who hosted both the Friars and almost 2000 people from all over the world. 


The theme of the chapter was ‘Friars in Dialogue’ which was proposed in 3 phases of reflection: pre-Chapter, Chapter and post-Chapter. 


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