Protagonists of the Chapter

The Tau symbolizes the Order of Friars Minor. In the logo it is intended to indicate both the individual friar and the friar fraternity in general. By evoking the cross of Christ it is identified with Christ himself.


The Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In the prophet Ezekiel (9,4) and in the Apocalypse (7: 2-3), it is presented as a sign of salvation. Because of its resemblance to the cross, it was adopted by Christians as a reminder of their belonging to Christ. This sign was also very dear to St. Francis (FF 990).

Location of the Chapter

Taizé is a small town in France located in the region of Burgundy-Franche-Comte. In 1940 Roger Schutz (frére Roger) founded a monastic-ecumenical community there. Today the Taizé community has about one hundred brothers, Catholics and of different evangelical origins, coming from almost thirty nations.


By its very existence, the community embodies the full meaning of dialogue, brotherhood and peace. It is the privileged place of reconciliation between divided Christians and separated peoples. The official logo of the community is shown on the letter "e" of the word "Taizé" (in the acute accent).

Theme of the Chapter

The theme of the chapter is "Friars in dialogue." The Seraphic Father St. Francis, throughout his life, was a man of dialogue: with his brothers and sisters, with the Church, with every creature on the Earth and in the Sky.


Today, more than ever, the need to be “weavers” of dialogue, builders of bridges, and artisans of peace challenges every friar and the life of every fraternity.


Convened by the One and Triune God, to experience dialogue with friars of different nations, to become builders of dialogue in their respective environments of life.

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