Who convokes the Pre-Chapter?

The Minister, Custodian, or President convenes a Pre-Chapter event for the respective Entity.

When and where will the Pre-Chapter take place?

The Pre-Chapter must be held between May 2018 and May 2019, as decided by and convoked by the Minister, Custodian or President.


The place depends on the decision of each Entity. For some, it can be a meeting of all the Under Ten friars of the Entity; in others, a meeting of regional Under Ten friar groups representing different areas, etc.

Who organizes the Pre-Chapter?

The Moderator for Ongoing Formation or the person responsible for the Under Ten friars must organize and coordinate this first stage of the chapter journey.

Who will be able to participate in the Pre-Chapter?

All Under Ten friars for each respective Entity are invited to the Pre-Chapter.

What will be the Pre-Chapter program?

The program of the Pre-Chapter will depend on the organizer, that is the Moderator of Ongoing Formation or the person responsible for the Under Ten friars for each respective Entity.

What is the purpose of the Pre-Chapter?

All participants in the Pre-Chapter are invited to "see" the signs of dialogue in their own history, in their own country, in their own Entity.

Who covers the costs of the Pre-Chapter?

Each Minister, Custodian or President must provide resources for the preparation and development of the Pre-Chapter for their respective Entity.

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