Almighty, Most Holy, Very High and Supreme God, one and three, we present ourselves to you, we friars Under Ten, who have only for a few years pronounced our definitive yes to your call. With the words of our brother St. Francis, we recognize that you are all good, supreme good, all the good, that only you are good and we want to make every praise, every glory, every grace, every honor, every blessing and all the goods.[1]


Among these goods we especially recognize the gift of your Spirit and of his holy operation, [2] the gift of brothers and the revelation of a life according to the form of the holy Gospel,[3] lived in obedience, without anything of our own and in chastity. These are great gifts to which we wish to be faithful with all our heart, with all our soul, with our whole mind, with all our strength, to make of our whole life a grateful and joyful response to the highest Good that You are.


Today we still recognize the sacrament of your presence in the brothers we meet, like Francis, who recognized you in neighbor, from the day of his meeting with the lepers, and every day after.


 We ask you to help us recognize ourselves in the face of others, and how to become men capable of an open and sincere dialogue, mild and strong, peaceful and courageous, with the men and women of our time.


Give to all of us, who will celebrate in our different countries of the world our Chapter of Mats, a renewed outpouring of your Spirit, so that we may become witnesses of that dialogue of which your servant and our brother Francis promoted; he was able to speak with the Pope as with the Sultan, with the poor as with the rich, with all the faithful as with the rulers of the peoples.


Please make us able to bear witness to your voice, with words and deeds, to let everyone know that there is no one Omnipotent except You,[4] or Most High, who in the perfect Trinity and in simple Unity lives and reigns.  May you be glorified, God Almighty forever and ever. Amen.[5]

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